Cliffnotes of Pai

General Thailand Tips: I'll put some here.


Where to Stay

  • I stayed at the UP2U Hostel
    • About a seven minute walk to the main street of town
    • The scenery  here is EPIC. I could've sat in the hammock on the balcony all day.
  • Pai Chaing Cottage
  • Spicypai Backpackers
    • Saturday BBQ

What to Do

  • Wander. Seriously, it's such a hippy town.
  • The Pai Hot Springs ($12)
    • There's another, less crowded much cheaper one (see below)
  • Rent scooter ($3ish) to travel around
    • Go to Vespai (it’s a shop). Seriously. It’s the best one, hands down. The guy gives you lessons for as long as he thinks you need. We had a rental issue and had to get one scooter from down the road, but he still gave us a 30 minute lesson, then walked down with us to make sure we got a working scooter. 
    • Totally worth doing for at least a day. The scenery all around town is epic. Just be careful- don’t get a Thai tattoo
  • The Land Crack- on the way to...
  • The Mae Yen Waterfall
    • The trail disappears and reappears a few times
  • A one hour foot massage will run you about $5 USD
  • "Let's Go Pai" Tour
    • One of the days I went on a tour, another I rented a scooter and hit what I didn't on the tour. The stuff covered on the tour is just far enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to on my own scooter (except the Canyon)
    • There’s a billion tour shops on the main road, they almost all offer the same stops, for the same price (450-550 baht) 
      • Includes picking you up from your hostel/hotel/B&B 
    • Tham Lod Cave 
      • A local guide brings you in the cave in a group of 4. They point out rock formations, guide you onto a bamboo raft, then guide you back. 
      • The guide will rush through, so I just started slowing down and being the last one, so I controlled the pace 
    • Sai Ngan Hot Springs 
      • less crowded than Pai hot springs 
    • Mor Paeng Waterfall 
    • Pai Canyon- sunset spot 
  • Mr Chao- 3 day trek (surviving in the jungle, villages off the beaten track… didn’t do, just heard good things) 
  • Strawberry Place- cool strawberry fields/homemade strawberry foods. Butterfly garden. Zip lining. 
  • The White Bhudda 
    • MASSIVE. You can see him from town. 
    • Across the street is Earthtone cafe- vegan coffee bar with AMAZING food. You’d have no idea it was vegan if I didn’t just tell you. 
  • WW2 Memorial bridge 
  • Dragon Bridge- on the side of the road going from town to Memorial Bridge. Not an actual bridge, just super cool looking 


  • I’ P Burger & Grill- Crocodile burger? BBQ/Pineapple? $5ish 
  • Nong beer- first traffic light, opposite 711 
  • Big's little cafe- left side of waking street 
  • Om Cafe for breakfast 
  • There’s SO MANY street vendors, and so many different types of food. Indian, Italian, American… but Mango Sticky Rice is the best 
  • Grunge Burger 
  • Koa Soi- Thai dish

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  1. Thats exactly what I am looking for, cause next month me and my girlfriend go to the Thailand for the first time, and we haven't ready for the trip yet. But a few tips at least I know. First of all that the most suitable transport for this country is motorbike, and this service can easily provide it to us without any extra efforts. Secondly Thailand is an amazing country, but have many mosquitoes, so we need to take with us many different safety creams and drugs. So, for now thats the only thing that I know, but hope after reading your article my list will be more complete.