Cliffnotes of Chiang Mai

Hanging out with an elephant family at a humane sanctuary was definitely a highlight of my time here.

Where to stay: 

  • Hug Hostel 
    • Nearby there's a bunch of bars that all the backpackers go to with a taste bar that's AMAZING

What to do: 

  • Jazz Bar down the street from Hug Hostel
  • "Into The Wild” Elephant Camp
  • Grand Canyon- abandoned mine that filled with water. Cliff diving, etc. 
  • Bua Thong / Sticky Waterfalls- took red taxi out there 
    • For both Canyon and Waterfall, put a note up in your hostel to go with people. Red taxi’s are fixed costs, so the more people, the better 
    • About an hour / 1500 baht red taxi ride out of town 
    • Called Sticky waterfalls because you can safely walk up the whole waterfall 
  • Wat Chedi Luang 
    • Architecture is highlighted at night
    • Located near...
  • Sunday night market 
    • Wua Lai Road 
    • Market is on Saturday night, too 
    • Note that a friendly approach to haggling at Chiang Mai’s markets will get you further than any hard-ball tactics will. 
    • Ends near Tha Phae Gate 
  • Nimmanahaeminda Road- backpacker / bar haven 
  • Massage 
    • Cheap foot massage at Chaing Mai Park 
    • Green Bamboo Massage 
      • Book 2 days in advance
    • Or Chiang Mai Women's Correctional Institution (day of booking only?) 
      • I did this one. So worth it. 
  • Eating Northern Thai Cuisine Khantoke Set Feast 
  • Learning How To Cook Thai Food at an organic Thai cooking school 
  • Art In Paridise- cool 3D art 
  • Wat Rong Khun 
    • White temple, 2.5 hours away from airport 
    • Super cool Buddhist temple (white hands, faces) 
    • Part of a tour package that includes Hot springs, Golden triangle (and lunch there), a Hill tribe visit, and Mae Sui (boarder pass) for 1000 baht 
  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple
    • The sunrise views from here are particularly spectacular
    • I also read evening prayers at sunset are particularly spectacular... 
    • Red Taxi up here with others, 100 baht each if there’s 10 of you 
  • Warorot Market (Kad Luang) 
    • Part of the market is dedicated to vendors who will actually prepare and cook a meal for you from scratch there and then, with spicy aromas and flashes of pan-fire creating a real assault on the senses. (~40 baht?) 
  • MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center 
    • Modern mall, movie theater 
  • Ice Cream Shop 
    • Take photo with the giant head 
  • Chiang Mai Soccer game? 
  • Royal Park Rajapruek 
    • Quaries where locals swim right around here 
  • Monjam mountain? 
    • Hour and a half north  


  • Ton Ta-Krai(?)- Khantoke Set Feast (curry dips w/sticky rice) 
  • Kao soi- noodle dish w/coconut milk 
  • Fresh fish from the river restaurants 
    • Old iron bridge crossing river 
  • Lady With a Hat 
    • Famous food stall. The pork is AMAZING 
  • Ang Noodle- local’s favorite noodle soup place

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