Current Info


Cromwell, CT, USA

Gear I Travel With

Panasonic GH4. 12-35mm lens. GoPro4. Macbook Pro.

Favorite Destinations

Barcelona, Spain. Prague, Czech. Melbourne, Australia. Cinque Terre, Italy. Singapore, Singapore.

Where To Next

Madrid, Spain


Orlando, Fl

Listening to

"Wolves" by Rise Against

My Words of Wisdom

Words that were given to me, obviously... I'm not wise enough, yet

    Seriously, just do it. If not now, when? Take a leap of faith. Be brave for 7 seconds. Use whatever cliche you want, just book your travel.

  • 2. PREPARE

    Some people like to wing it, others are planners. Either way, having a rough idea of what to do when you get somewhere is helpful.

  • 3. PACK

    Backpacking is way different than traveling. The smaller your footprint, the easier life will be.

  • 4. ENJOY

    Once you get bit by the travel bug, you're in. Wanderlust is a lifelond disease. Welcome to the club... we saved you a seat next to Matt.

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    About Me

    A little more on my second favorite subject... me!
    What I used to do
    Freelance Television Production

    Companies like HBO, NBC, WWE, ESPN, etc, used to hire me on a per shoot basis. I absolutely loved every minute of it, and am seriously hoping I can eventually find my way back to it.

    What I Currently Do
    North American Cultural Ambassador

    I accepted a position in the Auxiller de Conversacion program through the Spanish Government. Which is a fancy way of saying I'm a teaching assistant in Madrid.

    What I Want to Do
    Can I get back to you on this one?

    I want to travel the world, but I don't really have a plan, yet... Want to go on this adventure with me?

    Get in Touch

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