Cliffnotes of Australia

Australia is a super cool place! I get that there's a fear of wildlife, or spiders, or snakes, or any other animal trying to kill you, but as I learned in my time there: More people were killed by vending machines than spider bites over the past 30 years. More people have died from selfies than snakes, and Sharknado has killed more people than actual sharks (... careers are people, right?)

The bottom line is that you have nothing to fear, and so much to see. The thing you need to fear most is going over budget because of travel expenses: Getting around in Australia is a little harder than Europe or Asia. Airfare is really the only way to do it efficiently, and it's not cheap. Buses are a viable alternative alternative on the coasts, but definitely a time sucker. So be prepared.

Oh, also, fear for your life if you talk to someone in Sydney about how much better Melbourne is, or if you lie to someone in Melbourne about Sydney being cooler.

New South Wales

Northern Territory


  • Brisbane (Coming Soon!)
  • Rainbow Beach / Fraser Island (Coming Soon!)


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