Cliffnotes of Europe

Hey guys!

Before jumping into any of my types, advice or suggestions (eh hm... "Cliffnotes"), here's my first, HUGE, major recommendation... EMBRACE THE WALKING TOURS! Personally, I think you should do a tour first thing when you arrive someplace new, so you have the back story for where you're wondering (right after grabbing some bottles of water at the closest grocery store). Here's my top two:

Before going to Europe, download the Rick Steves' Europe app. Rick Steves is an amazing American tour guide, and through the app you can download FREE audio walking guides complete with maps and (super cheesy) humor, as well as interviews in a podcast-esque format with different content. Don't underestimate the effect of either planning or learning some of the history before arriving some place new.

On that note, the FREE walking tours (just tip the guides €10ish) are also worth it, whether you’ve done the Steves audio one or not. I'm sure you'll see plenty of groups doing them, but Sandeman is hands down the best one, period. On some of my notes, I left out details of some major stops/attractions because they will DEFINITELY be covered on either the self-guided audio or group walking tour.

Also, get the USE-IT maps, where available. They're the best maps, period. Written by locals. Well worth going out of your way for (pdf's can be downloaded from , but the pdfs can be confusing viewed from a phone).


  • Salzburg (Coming Soon!)
  • Vienna (Coming Soon!)


  • Brussels (Coming Soon!)
  • Brugge (Coming Soon!)

Czech Republic

  • Prague (Coming Soon!)


  • Split (Coming Soon!)


  • Metz (Coming Soon!)
  • Paris (Coming Soon!)


  • Berlin (Coming Soon!)
  • Munich (Coming Soon!)


  • Athens (Coming Soon!)


  • Budapest (Coming Soon!)


  • Venice (Coming Soon!)
  • Cinque Terre / Pisa (Coming Soon!)
  • Rome (Coming Soon!)
  • Florence (Coming Soon!)


  • Amsterdam (Coming Soon!)


  • Geneva (Coming Soon!)
  • Gimmelwald (Coming Soon!)


United Kingdom

  • Nottingham (Coming Soon!)
  • London (Coming Soon!)
  • Cardiff / Stonehenge (Coming Soon!)

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